/k /e /n /t /a /s /h

Kentash, a book

A brooding rock among a council of dark trees is what draws the boy to this place. He knows he should not be here, but the temptation is irresistible: the Stone Cathedral in the Witch's Forest.

No one comes here; no one dares. The decree is unspoken for the warning is ancient. Do not go to the Witch's forest. Do not under any circumstances take a boat out on Granite Lake.

And yet the boy is here often, believing he is alone. But there are others here; predators of many kinds. Mountain lions, criminals and sometimes dark creatures of a different sort.

But under the earth, there are more dangerous things than thugs and territorial felines. And soon, he will no longer be alone.

Kentash is a science fiction novel targeted at young adults. You can read the first two chapters of Kentash online or download them as a PDF or EPUB file. The whole book is available both as a printed book and an ebook.